Aug 28, 2017

Managing events requires planning and foresight to ensure the fruit of our efforts is a fantastic brand experience that exceeds expectations and delights audiences. The same can be said for sustainability. Making better event planning choices, even small ones, can make a difference. By planning ahead and thinking long-term about our actions, we’re in a better position to create not only a better event, but also a greener future for our industry and the world.

We’d all like to be lean and green but… more

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Aug 24, 2017

In today's global landscape of environmental awareness, it is crucial to learn where event environmental impacts are generated. As part of the team who generated these Impact Statements and recycling reports for events like CES and IMEX America, I know the challenges of the existing systems and there needs to be a fresh approach to tracking event metrics.

When thinking of environmental issues, energy consumption, waste minimization and CO2 emissions are among the top… more

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Aug 21, 2017

There has been lots of chatter in the world of event planning, associations, marketing and nearly every other industry these days. Why all the buzz?

Companies like Apple, IBM, GE and Kaiser Permanente use Design Thinking’s human-centered process to meet customer needs in strategically viable ways – simply meaning, they make customers happy and they make money doing it. In his recent Harvard Business Review article, education company Blackboard’s vice president of design, Jon Kulko, notes that companies that have made Design… more

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Aug 17, 2017

From a business’s perspective, trade shows offer an exceptional opportunity to demonstrate their product and connect their brand to potential consumers in a face-to-face interaction. My team and I looked over some trade show statistics and found a lot of vindicating information for businesses who choose to take advantage of these events.

Here are some compelling statistics that stood out to us during our research:

  • 99 percent of exhibitors find unique value delivered by B2B trade shows that are not provided by other marketing channels.
  • 83 percent of trade show… more
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Aug 15, 2017

Most business owners don’t have the time to attend trade shows themselves while running and growing their business. But as your company grows, there will be more critical trade shows and great opportunities than you can attend yourself, so you’ll need to appoint some well-trained team members.

How do you make sure your team is equipped to succeed at trade shows (even without you)? Here are a couple of tips to consider.

Take every opportunity to practice

There are multiple ways your trade show team can get… more

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Aug 10, 2017

The purpose of using custom displays at trade shows is to draw in as large a number of people as possible to your booth. Nevertheless, a successful display doesn't come easily, meaning you should equip yourself with information about how to display outstanding exhibits.

Managing expenditure and maximizing profits is a key factor for most businesses and it can be difficult to achieve at times. Purchasing a custom display is one way to get the attention you seek at trade shows and can be an affordable option, depending on the type of display and accessories you choose to add.


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Aug 07, 2017

What marketing tools do you use to promote your events? Is social media on that list? It should be.

It doesn’t matter how familiar you and your business are with social media. Your audience is using it and that means you need to be there. Americans check their social media accounts 17 times a day. Having a presence on social media means that your potential event attendees are more likely to see your posts and promotions there.

But with the… more

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Aug 03, 2017

When setting up your trade show booth, it’s imperative that you make sure that booth is up-to-date and ready to impress. For many, this means bringing laptops, tablets and other devices that require electricity. Many vendors order electricity for their booths for this exact reason. However, some forego utilizing their electricity to its fullest by not making sure they have proper lighting for their booth!

A beam of light on specific signage or a key component of your display can have customers coming over to check you out instead of your competitors. Knowing what types of lighting… more

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Jul 31, 2017

How do you stand out at the conference, trade show or event? How do you have the exhibit or environment that represents your brand well yet rises above the rest? Here is a hint…it is not all about having the tallest booth on the floor. Having a great designer who can help translate your brand into a three-dimensional space is ideal. They can take your marketing strategy and brand and create an experience. However, you don’t always have the budget or the time to go all out.  

Here are some tips gleaned from some of our Skyline designers you can use to elevate… more

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Jul 26, 2017

Having spent a couple of decades building and refining public relations content and targeting platforms for the event space, I’ve identified what successful exhibitors consistently do well. 

While there are many reasons to participate at events, two bubble to the top: build relationships and share content. When the right content and communications plan converge for your event, you build stronger relationships from events and deliver superior ROC (Return on Content).  

Here are four tips to help your organization win the content game:

1.   … more

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