Feb 11, 2012

Many people dread having to make a presentation. However, there are many opportunities to speak or be on a panel discussion at trade shows and other conferences. Being on the stage is a great way to promote your products and services or to position yourself as an industry expert.  However, when you accept the responsibility to present, you are making a commitment to the audience that you will not suck. 

We have all sat through those long monotone sessions at events where everyone is hoping for a fire drill. As much as you can benefit from being a speaker, you can also do… more

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Feb 05, 2012

You've seen him or her as you walk down the trade show aisle. You point him or her out to your colleagues, trying to not let him see you as you do. You let out a nervous laugh as you pass his/her trade show display -  what if they try to talk to you?

He or she is "that guy(or gal)," and they're doing trade shows all wrong.

Here are eight things you and the other trade show attendees are saying about "that guy":

1.  "Why did that… more

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Jan 26, 2012

Now that we’re nearly a month into the New Year, I’ve had the chance to test my resolve in living by my resolutions. Our industry makes having a healthy lifestyle challenging, but I'm ever-optimistic that I can achieve a good work/life balance. How am I doing so far?

Resolution 1: Get more sleep. Study after study says that it’s important for everything from health to weight control to mental acuity (not to mention keeping down my purchase of under-eye concealer).  With two DVRs, I can no longer use my favorite 10 P.M. shows as an excuse… more

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Jan 26, 2012
Trade shows are not your whole job, just a part of it. You only do, at most, a few small shows a year, and you've got lots of other responsibilities to handle. So all this detail in our blog about doing trade shows better? You simply have no time for it all. But you still would like to boost your results – but only if the changes are simple and quick. So in that vein, here are five tips to help you - quickly - get more out of trade shows: ユ A large, clear message is easier to grasp, so make your next set of booth graphics colorful and easy to understand, with a benefit statement that will… more
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Jan 21, 2012
Conferences, seminars, conventions and trade shows utilize a lot of speakers. In fact, the meetings industry provides speakers with much of the work that supports their careers. This includes paid professional speakers, free industry speakers, educators and topic experts. Some get paid to speak, while others are there to promote their brand, and every one of them has a direct impact on the success of the event. But are speakers more than just vendors? The speakers set the tone for the whole conference. Humans are experiential beings, and when we sit with others in the audience and… more
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Jan 15, 2012

There was no greater proof that meeting planners are irreversibly, indisputably and uncontrollably being dragged into the future - whether their boards or bosses buy into it or not - than last week’s Convening Leaders and Virtual Edge Summit collocated conference in San Diego.

Between the major tech company announcements, shifts in presentation architecture and futuristic keynotes, it was obvious that technology in all of its manifestations (social, mobile, virtual, biotech, or cloud) is propelling planners into a future where the traditional competencies (and assumptions… more

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Jan 11, 2012

Recently, I posted the “10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started In Marketing" and was amazed at the response. So, in that same vein, here are 10 indispensible lessons I’ve learned about trade shows that I wish I’d had known before I started exhibiting.

1.  You won’t succeed at trade shows if you just show up. A… more

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Jan 03, 2012

Congrats - you’re no longer the trade show rookie.

You’ve trained your booth staffers to work the aisles. You’ve asked for (and received) a trade show display with bold images and clear messaging. And you know how to put together a trade show promotion that gets more people to your booth.

Been there, done that.  Now, you’re ready for something more.

So here are six advanced trade show strategies and tactics you can use that will stretch – and grow – your trade… more

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Dec 26, 2011

December and January spark articles and blog posts filled with predictions for the New Year. While I cannot really know what will happen in the world, I do have some observations about meetings and conferences from my time spent as a keynote and breakout speaker at more than 300 events (59 presentations in 2011).

1. The meetings business will continue to recover from the hits it took in the recession. I am bullish on the state of face-to-face gatherings and believe that neither an ongoing bad economy nor the virtual options that exist to deliver content can replace the need for… more

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Dec 10, 2011

You’ve been asked the same question time and time again: “What’s the ROI from our trade show program?” You grit your teeth, take a deep breath, force a smile on your face,and answer, “I don’t know.”

Why not? It might be because you can’t get your sales team to share which leads turned into sales with you. Or because you don’t have a unified database that tracks it automatically. Or because you simply don’t have time to chase it all down.

But it’s not rocket science to figure out your… more

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