CEIR Releases 2016 Changing Environment of Exhibitions Study

October 21, 2016

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research released the final two reports of its series, 2016 Changing Environment of Exhibitions.

This study consists of 10 fact sheets articulating the power of exhibitions from the perspective of exhibitors, including its most recent: Use of Exhibitions and Exhibitor Sales Channel and Exhibitor Profile – Overall Compared to Power Users.

Use of Exhibitions and Exhibitor Sales Channel reflects positive linkage between sales channels and participation in business-to-business exhibitions. Exhibiting companies aiming to increase use of a given sales channel in the next several years are also more likely to plan to increase the number of exhibitions they will participate in.

This report profiles exhibition company sales channel practices such as which are primary, how long each channel has been used, and plans looking out to the next several years. It also highlights differences by industry sector.

CEIR President and CEO Brian Casey, CEM said, “This fact sheet shows that regardless of sales channel used by exhibiting companies, the exhibition channel continues to prove it is an important conduit for driving business growth.”

Exhibitor Profile – Overall Compared to Power Users highlights similarities and differences between exhibitors in general and power users of the business-to-business exhibition channel.

It includes a snapshot of key profile characteristics and motivations for exhibiting. Power users are defined as companies that exhibit at 20 or more exhibitions annually, are participating in more exhibitions today compared to the past several years, or plan to increase the number of exhibitions in the next several years.

This study offers insights useful to organizers and exhibitors, as well as suppliers to these stakeholders, to support strategic planning and other efforts.

“This last fact sheet offers an excellent overview of power users of the exhibition channel – key profile statistics on who they are and what motivates them to exhibit,” noted EDPA Executive Director Jeff Provost. “It documents that the exhibition channel drives business for these companies; though not all power users are motivated to achieve the same goals. This report identifies those unique motivations.”

The 2016 Changing Environment of Exhibitions study dives into the minds of executives who are involved in the decision to exhibit at business-to-business exhibitions, as well as other promotional and advertising decisions for their company. It documents the use of business-to-business exhibitions today, the level of participation now compared to several years ago as well as executives’ plans to exhibit looking out to the next several years.

For more information please visit the CEIR website.

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