5 Exhibit Furniture Trends for 2019

January 24, 2019

Personalization, pops of punchy color, elevated tech features and rich, supple fabrics and textures are all new trends in furniture design that we’ll be seeing in 2019. 

Color and pattern trends that will dominate the year include warm toned seating and earthy and energetic color pallets. Mixed materials, Modern Industrial Chic with luxe fabrics and details, and upgraded tech all top the list of design trends in the new year. 

Custom events that speak to your client’s unique aesthetic and brand story are paramount in 2019. Make your client and your event stand out with personalized elements to offer a true one-of-a-kind event experience. Work with companies that offer personalization services, including design assistance and customized products, delivered ready-for-use. Whether it’s a graphic on a bar or a customized ottoman cover or pillow, our clients want personalized décorthat reflects their design inspiration. 

There’s a shift toward warmer color tones in soft seating. While gray is still the dominant neutral for fabric in seating, blues and earthy browns are growing in prominence. In 2019, event planners can customize events with two different color stories: the warm earth tones, reminiscent of the 70’s, and more vibrant colors, such as rich cranberry reds, pinks and salmon tones. Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral, brings vibrancy and an exciting pop of pink to tie together a room. This shade is a great compliment to the tropical modern motifs that are popular in furnishings and design. 

Gone are the days of fumbling and fighting overcharging cords. Wireless charging is beginning to manifest in event furnishings, allowing your guests to drop their device for a seamless charge while they network and connect with other attendees. Cumbersome cables and clunky outlets won’t throw off your design aesthetic and your guests will be able to enjoy and share every element of your event without worrying about their battery. 

Encourage your clients to go big and bold in the new year. The eccentric elements of art deco inspired furnishings incorporate design details such as channel stitching, curved edges, lush fabrics and soft colorful hues. Textured fabrics and velvets are prominent and lend balance to the metallic bronzes and marbles present on surfaces. For an elevated look that won’t overwhelm any aesthetic, add faux fur. Long Mohair and Mongolian faux fur accents are a beautiful way to dress up your designs this year. They look fabulous and add a chic luxury to the event space.

Mix materials for a fresh space that incorporates modern energy and sleek design. Faux wood and marble laminates continue to dominate surface textures and the modern industrial chic furnishings. Combine marble, velvet and bronze metallic furnishings for an eclectic design that references, Art Deco, Danish Modern and rustic trends. Blend black metals with wood and brown pieces for a fresh take on the rustic trends of the past few years. Danish modern silhouettes take center stage for soft seating and feel elevated with updated rounded edges and surprising finishes, such as black metal frames.

Keep these trends in mind as you plan your event environments for 2019. Engage guests with branded and personalized items, excite with modern details and luxe finishes and enable connectivity with updated tech features for successful events this year. 


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