Four Tips to Win the Content Game at Events and Conferences

July 26, 2017

Peter Brand

Peter Brand is the founder of NewsDriver, a mobile-first storytelling platform focused on helping bring new content solutions to corporate communicators.

Having spent a couple of decades building and refining public relations content and targeting platforms for the event space, I’ve identified what successful exhibitors consistently do well. 

While there are many reasons to participate at events, two bubble to the top: build relationships and share content. When the right content and communications plan converge for your event, you build stronger relationships from events and deliver superior ROC (Return on Content).  

Here are four tips to help your organization win the content game:

1.     Create content specifically for the environment where it is being consumed: Know how and where your audience is going to consume your content. If you were presenting on stage would you turn off all the lights and talk to the audience in the dark? Unlikely. During conference and trade shows, audiences are listening to panels, at exhibitor halls or at social mixers – and typically consuming content on mobile. Present your content in the right format to foster an engaging mobile experience. Don’t assume all digital formats offer the same experience. Here’s a cool example.

2.     Sharing is caring: To win new relationships and keep old ones, it’s important to share valuable content. That doesn’t always mean content about you or about your products. It means content and information that is going to help the target audience. Be a thought leader; share insights and tips that will help them become more successful (get comfortable with the idea it might not directly help you right away).

3.     Data targeting and segmentation: Audiences now expect to see only relevant content in their social feeds and inboxes. When your targeting is misaligned, you run the risk of alienating the people you most seek to build relationships. Segment your target audiences and design content that speaks to each segment’s interests, concerns and practice. Leverage data from the event organizer, social media, Google and PR service providers to send the right message to the right targets.  

4.     Year-round effort: Communicating only a few days before the show and a few days after the show isn’t enough. A consistent year-round content development and communications program will drive strong results throughout the year and during your events – ABC (Always Be Communicating).

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