Why Creating Loyal Employees is the Key to Creating Long-Term Customers

April 9, 2016

John Kimball

John Kimball, President and CEO at Convention Data Services. John places great importance on the value of relationships in business and attributes his successful 20-year career in the tradeshow industry to this principle. ConventionDataServices.com 

Everywhere you turn there seems to be advice on leadership and the important role of senior management in an organization. While every company needs great leaders, your employees are a vital force in your company. By investing in your workforce you are helping to create long-term and loyal employees who are your organization’s leading brand ambassadors.

Your employees have a hands-on understanding of your clients and their needs. Employees who communicate often and build relationships with your clients can anticipate what it will take to provide great customer service, which in turn creates loyal long-term customers. An employee who believes in and is passionate about your company will translate that passion into the service they provide to your customers.

Here are four steps to take to create a dynamic environment for your employees:

1. Build Trust

Your company’s mission, vision and strategies will only succeed if there is trust in your organization. Sharing information and communicating with employees at all levels in your organization creates an environment of trust. Employees also need to feel comfortable to voice concerns and suggest improvements. They are on the front lines and can often detect an issue before it becomes a full-blown problem. In an open and trusting environment employees will have the desire to make the type of improvements needed to personalize the service they provide to your customers.

“When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant and effective.” - Stephen R. Covey

2. Encourage Collaboration

Do you encourage collaboration and cooperation across all parts of your organization and attempt to create a common perspective? An inclusive culture where everyone feels part of the team will promote creativity and improve productivity. When employees feel they can make a difference they make a personal investment in their job and the interactions they have with your customers.

3. Invest in Your Workforce

A continuous investment in the skills of your employees sends the message that there is a high priority and value placed on the people in your company. This produces truly engaged employees who have the desire to work to their full potential. When employees in your organization believe that senior management will provide the tools they need to do their job, a sense of fulfillment is created and frustration is reduced. This translates into employees with a desire to use their talents to make a positive impact on your company and customers.

4. Practice Consistency

Creating a leadership team with a people-oriented mindset will set the stage for an environment of consistency and fairness. Consistent strategies and planning will provide your employees with clarity about your mission and goals. Your leadership team needs to practice what they preach and match their actions to their message. Remember, culture starts with the senior leadership and is perpetuated by passionate and engaged employees.

Employees are your organization’s most credible source. Put these tips into practice to create loyal employees who will promote your company and provide the type of quality service that will create loyal and long-term customers.

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