IMEX Does Its Part to Support a More Sustainable Trade Show Industry

The IMEX Group has been ramping up its efforts to create a greener, cleaner and less wasteful trade show industry.

As evidenced by the results of the IMEX America 2016 Sustainability Survey, conducted by the IMEX Group and Meeting Professionals International (MPI) prior to last year’s IMEX America, many event organizers are also doing their part to lessen the environmental impact of their meetings and events.

Kendra Nicastro – Scoring Goals with Baby Bonanza and Kid's Expo

Take a look at some of the most successful business people and you’ll find that many of them followed a similar formula when designing their careers: take something that interests you or you have an aptitude for, figure out where you can meet an unmet need, work really hard, learn from failure, stay ahead of the competition and if you play your cards right, you end up with a career that’s not only interesting and prosperous but also rewarding.

AEM's Megan Tanel – Mastering the Balancing Act

Try calling Megan Tanel a superwoman and she'd probably just laugh in your face. But whether she'd want to take the credit or not, this hardworking mother of four daughters could be seen as a role model for women who want it all: a successful career and a satisfying family life. And, although the vice president of exhibitions at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers has her work cut out for her, with a substantial portfolio of domestic and international construction equipment trade shows and association seminars to oversee, she appears to have established a work/life balance that fits.

Partner Voices

From apps to chatbots to completely redesigned meeting spaces, technology is revolutionizing how events are planned, executed and experienced. It’s now at the core of most successful events and, ultimately, is instrumental in helping attendees forge meaningful connections and gain insight. The opportunities to create truly impactful experiences will only increase with the rise of “all-in-one” tech tools and the introduction of 5G internet.