CompuSystems Teams Up with Panvista to Provide Analytics to Event Organizers

September 25, 2016

CompuSystems and Panvista have teamed up to bring event analytics to trade show organizers. Utilizing low-cost, wearable beacons, called Smart Badges, organizers are able to gather a full behavioral understanding of every aspect of their event in real time.

This gives organizers a wealth of intelligence for their event such as:

·  The most popular areas at the expo

·  Which sessions were the busiest

·  Traffic flow and patterns on the event floor

·  How long people stayed at each booth, presentation, or room

“If you are looking for innovative ways to take your event to the next level, there is no better way to start than by implementing beacon technology to help you understand your clients better,” said Andrew Echenberg, Panvista’s president.

He added, “Not only will you and your exhibitors get unbeatable analytics about the physical behavior of attendees, you will also enjoy the valuable insights that it brings, helping you make better decisions, improve your event, and make it more profitable.”

It’s easy to set-up and deploy. There is no need for users to download an app or use any other device to start gathering data.

The beacons – slightly larger than the size of a quarter – can be easily dropped into any badge holder or attached to a lanyard in a matter of seconds.

There is a 1-2 second beacon-to-registrant association process that takes place during onsite registration.

As attendees walk the floor with their Smart Badges, the battery-powered wireless beacons communicate with sensors placed throughout a show space allowing for the monitoring of attendees’ movements throughout the event and aggregated analysis in the form of traffic flow trends, heat maps and other useful stats.

“CompuSystems is always looking for ways to help show organizers add value to their event, says Chris Williams, CompuSystems’ president. “This technology puts organizers in a position to make more informed decisions, changing the way tradeshows are managed in the future.”

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