High Point Market Authority Enhances MyMarket App for Fall Market 2016

October 16, 2016

The High Point Market Authority (HPMA) has made several enhancements and updates to the MyMarket app for Fall Market, on tap Oct. 22-26 in High Point, N.C.

Originally released in April 2016 in advance of Spring Market, the app features innovative indoor and outdoor mapping technology.

Utilizing GPS technology, the app offers building to building blue dot navigation, allowing users to easily select an exhibitor and quickly map a route from their current location to the showroom’s address.

Additionally, the app features indoor mapping technology within specific buildings, allowing users to be guided step-by-step and floor-by-floor to their selected showroom.

An update to the app recently enhanced the offerings for users. Most notably, the popular indoor mapping feature, which was only available in Market’s largest building, IHFC, in the spring, has now been added to five additional buildings – 220 Elm, Center Point on Hamilton, Center Point on Manning, Center Point on Centennial, and Center Point on Russell.

The update will also allow the app to seamlessly transition from outdoor mapping to indoor mapping when a user enters one of these six buildings. Additionally, users may now manually update exhibitor, events, and MyMarket data by pulling down on the top of the list.

Beyond mapping, the app also allows users to review the event calendar and search exhibitors by applying various filters, including category, style, price point, options, building and country.

Now updated with Fall Market data, both exhibitors and events can be added to a personalized plan by creating a MyMarket account, which is also accessible through Market’s website, www.highpointmarket.org.

“We promised when we first debuted the app that we would continually be improving it for future markets,” said Tom Conley, president and CEO of the High Point Market Authority. “We were pleased with the integration of the app at Spring Market and thankful for the widespread praise as well as positive feedback received as to additional features users wished to see. We used this feedback to prioritize our updates for this upcoming Market, and look forward to adding even more features as we move forward.”

Development of the app was spearheaded by Conley and the Market Authority’s marketing agency, Emisare, and created by Charlotte-based company, Skookum. The indoor mapping beacon technology was provided by indoo.rs, GmbH, of Vienna, Austria.

The app is currently available for download in the Apple Store, for use on iPads and iPhones during Fall Market. A user’s guide and comprehensive outline of the app’s features can be found at http://www.highpointmarket.org/tips-and-insights/my-market-app.

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