Give Us Your Thoughts on the New TSNN Top 250 Dynamic Dashboard

January 13, 2020

Will you take TSNN’s new Top 250 Trade Show Dashboard for a spin and provide us with valuable feedback in the process?

In a trade show industry first, TSNN, in partnership with data analytics company Bear Analytics, has teamed up to unveil a five-year dynamic dashboard of the TSNN Top 250 Trade Show List metrics. Analyzing more than 1,200 trade shows that represent 18 million attendees, 982,857 exhibiting companies and more than 336 million net square feet, this complementary dashboard allows users to search data on all of the listed shows. 

Did we get it right? Try out the TSNN Top 250 Trade Show Dashboard, then participate in a simple three-question survey to provide your feedback (and earn a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card).

“The TSNN Top 250 dynamic dashboard is a visual representation of the trade show industry’s biggest shows during the past five years,” said TSNN President Rachel Wimberly. “Bear Analytics has developed a tool like no other in the industry utilizing TSNN’s one-of-a-kind data. We have no doubt that trade show industry organizers and suppliers alike will find this new dashboard tool very valuable.”

The TSNN Top 250 dashboard features three main areas:

Section 1

This showcases the five years of TSNN Top 250 event performance measured across key event metrics such as net square footage and total audience attendance, searchable by where those events took place. This dynamic panel allows the user to focus on key performance by city, time of the year, or U.S. region — and further into U.S. city as desired. 

Section 2

TSNN’s Top 250 list ranks each event by net square footage. As industries have evolved, modified, grown and contracted in this post-recession environment, events have ascended, descended, jumped on and fallen off of the Top 250 list. These rankings, based on the show organizer-submitted data, showcases annual trending per event and allows the user to further filter down into performance by city and across a variety of key metrics.        

Section 3

Our industry organizes people all over the world, every day of the year, with certain dates and times of the year resulting in higher than normal activity. Tracking and learning about event performance by time of the year, specific city and outlining how those key metrics trend annually is fascinating.    

The deadline to take our survey is Feb. 14, so don’t waittry out the new TSNN Top 250 Trade Show List Dashboard here and provide us with your valuable feedback today!


Check out the original article about the TSNN Top 250 Trade Show List Dashboard here.

Have any additional thoughts? Contact TSNN Marketing Director Arlene Shows at or 603-630-0125 with any feedback.

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