Streampoint Solutions Launches Event Technology Week

March 21, 2019

Washington, D.C.-based event management software company Streampoint Solutions will run the inaugural Event Technology Week, an online conference, from March 25-29. Designed to help event planners managing the critical, yet often overwhelming world of event technology, this five-day event will feature webinars led by industry experts.

“As events and trade shows continue to evolve, event planners are inundated with new technologies and data points,” said Dharmesh Dayabhai, co-founder of Streampoint Solutions, in a press release. “It can be cumbersome to work your way around this data to make informed decisions about your event. With this in mind, we wanted to launch Event Technology Week to help industry professionals and demystify the world of event technology.”

In addition to event technology, the webinars will also delve into event integrations, event marketing, room block management, and data and reporting, bringing together event technologists, event planners and trade show organizers to discuss these important topics.

Event Technology Week is a collaboration with partners from ConferenceDirect, Freeman, InGo, Resiada and The Indoor Lab.

"The industry is evolving at a much more rapid pace than in the past, and it’s important for event planners to stay current with the best technology and practices in the marketplace,” says Adam Briggs, senior vice president with ConferenceDirect, who will lead a session on room block management. “Planners are busy, so giving them the ability to digest this important information in a format that is convenient for them will be game-changing."

Ken Holsinger, vice president of digital solutions for Freeman who will lead a session on using data to enhance live events, highlights the usefulness of a conference that allows the industry to participate from their desks and learn about topics that affect their jobs on a daily basis.

“It’s important for us to take a break in our busy schedules to continue to learn and improve, and Event Technology Week is a perfect time to do this,” says Holsinger. “That’s why I’m so passionate about data and innovation. It’s about taking that time to pause, debrief and use the data points available to us to make more informed decisions.”

Event Technology Week is a free resource. To learn more or to sign up for sessions, go HERE.


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