Travel, Hospitality Groups Condemn Storming of U.S. Capitol

January 7, 2021
Travel, Hospitality Groups Condemn Storming of U.S. Capitol

Leading travel and hospitality associations, many based in and around Washington, D.C., swiftly released statements condemning Wednesday’s violent attack on the U.S. Capitol. 

A large group of protestors stormed the iconic structure, breaking windows, defacing the building and temporarily halting the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral college victory. At least four people died, many more injured and more than a dozen have already been arrested. 

Congress ultimately reconvened and completed the process of certifying Biden as the next president. He is to be sworn in on Jan. 20.

ASAE described the events as a “violent, unlawful revolt against civil authority and America’s democratic process.”

Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, said, “We are profoundly heartbroken by the disturbing actions at the U.S. Capitol that are being viewed around the world. The behavior we are witnessing has no place in any peaceful democracy, much less in the country that is supposed to be the foremost example of democratic principles.”

Chip Rogers, president and CEO of The American Hotel & Lodging Association, took to Twitter to echo similar sentiments. “The violence at the United States Capitol is an attack on the values we hold dear as Americans and has no place in our country,” he said.

The incident revealed a deep political division within the country. Dow, in particular, noted that the U.S. government is of vital importance to all citizens and their businesses, regardless of what side a person falls on.

 “The willful disruption of our democratic transition is an unacceptable act of harm that is felt not just in Washington, but in every corner of the country,” Dow said. “With all our hearts, we urge the swift and peaceful end to the chaos and mayhem in our capital city, and that we come together to heal and move forward for the sake of our country and our future.”

ASAE expressed hope in its statement that groups like it can bridge the gap and find ways to unite the country. “Associations have a proven and unique ability to bring together individuals in support of a common purpose. Differences of opinion, background and experiences are welcomed. It is ASAE’s hope and intention to be a unifying force in upholding faith in our institutions, our ability to engage in civil discourse for the good of society, and in America’s role as a beacon of democracy to the world.”

Photo Credit: Associated Press


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