My Compliance Wizard: A New Medical Meetings Tool That Makes Compliance Research Easy

April 23, 2015

Keeping up with constantly changing compliance rules and regulations for 196 countries across the globe is an almost impossible task for medical meeting professionals. Even so, it still is a critical one.  

Pat Schaumann, author of  “Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance” 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Editions said, “Last year the U.S. government collected $8 billion in fines and violations from manufacturers for misreporting and false reporting."

A new tool created by a joint venture between Schaumann and BusyEvent Mobile called My Compliance Wizard will help alleviate much of the compliance research burden for medical meeting professionals.

My Compliance Wizard is a hybrid app. It is based on latest version of HTML 5, which is responsive web meaning any device that can connect to the Internet will be able to interact with the content.

This new online resource is designed specifically for global healthcare meeting professionals, compliance officers and financial teams at pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare companies.

The mobile-ready tool will be used to access the laws and codes that govern geographic areas so that meetings professionals may plan efficiently and remain in compliance across all event segments and for all attending participants.

David Schenberg, chief evangelist of BusyEvent Mobile, said that My Compliance Wizard will not only contain compliance rules for countries that already have them, but they will monitor countries that don’t have published rules yet.

When those countries do go online, My Compliance Wizard customers will be among the first to know about them.

An example that Schenberg gave was a recent Swedish rule change that prevents pharmaceutical companies from paying participants’ travel and accommodation for an event. Nor can attendees be offered a fee (honoraria) for participation in an event.

“Imagine if you’re a planner that has a delegation coming in and the rules change before your event happens. Having the ability to reach out to their customers letting them know of that change as soon as it happens is a critical component of ease of use that you won’t find in any other tool.” Schenberg said.

He added, “Someone needs to be watching out for planners who have a multitude of other tasks when planning events.”

My Compliance Wizard intends to be that “someone” looking out for the planner.

My Compliance Wizard will be available in May at an annual subscription rate of  $149. My Compliance Wizard includes current compliance regulations, codes, and laws for 196 countries and 50 U.S. states, details on travel & expense rules with access to real-time data, and meal limits and currency conversion rates.

It also includes time, weather, holiday and other cultural data important to planners.

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