Competing Yacht Shows in Singapore and Thailand to Collaborate

June 5, 2018

Verventia Pte Limited, the owner of the Singapore and Thailand Yacht Shows, and Asia RendezVous Pte Limited, organiser of the Phuket, Penang and Singapore RendezVous events, announced this week that the two companies had agreed to collaborate and to produce only one yacht show in Thailand and one show Singapore.

The two companies will collaborate to create a larger event in each country. The Thailand Yacht Show & RendezVous, will be held in Phuket and organised by a new joint venture between the two companies. The Thai event will run from 4th to 7th January 2019. The Singapore Yacht Show RendezVous will be held from 11th to 14th April 2019 and will also be a jointly owned event held alongside the Singapore Yacht Show.

Andy Treadwellm CEO of Verventia, commented, “It’s a classic example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, from every point of view. The TAT, our partners and main sponsor of the Thailand Yacht show, asked us to try to get everyone working together instead of competing and dividing the industry. The major industry players asked us to do exactly the same thing.”

Gael Burlot, owner of Asia RendezVous, added, “We feel it’s a good time and a good place to get everyone working together – the luxury industries are coming out of a challenging period, and things are looking better and better, while the yachting industry should now be in a position to dramatically expand in the Asia-Pacific region.”

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