Two Great Trade Show-related Books for the Holiday Season

December 4, 2017

Looking for that perfect gift for someone? There are two really great books available written by trade show professionals that would make a perfect addition for anyone’s bookshelf.

The first book – “Lessons of an Entrepreneur: How to Grow, Take Risks and Survive” - was written by The Expo Group Founder and Chairman Ray Pekowski.

“Other the years, as I have shared stories of starting up a business and the challenges overcome to reach our level of success, many people have encouraged me to write a book,” Pekowski said.

He added, “Since publishing the book, I have really enjoyed hearing what others took away to use in their own careers, their own lives and businesses. Most of all, I hope this collection of stories encourages others to do the things that inspire them.”

Pekowski’s book is an open and honest story about his ups and downs and lessons learned along the way of building a successful company.

For your very own copy or to give as a gift, please order HERE.

Another really fun book is written by Charles Pappas, senior writer from Exhibitor Magazine – “Flying Cars, Zombie Dogs, and Robot Overlords: How World's Fairs and Trade Expos Changed the World.”

Every time you plug your phone into a wall socket, flick on a TV, withdraw money from an ATM, lick an ice-cream cone, switch on a computer, ride an escalator, play a DVR, watch a movie about dinosaurs, get fingerprinted, or pop a tranquilizer, you're doing something that originated at a world's fair or trade expo.

Even so, most people have never stepped foot on a trade show floor. Pappas’ book examines all of the amazing products that first were unveiled on a trade show floor.

Pappas“Exhibitions are an industry that moves the world, but it's absolutely –sometimes frustratingly– invisible to almost everyone else outside it,” Pappas said.

He added, “The book is my effort to help everyone in the industry realize that what they do is more than ship pallets and fill out RFPs –they make history.

With amazing old photos and well-written entries for each product, Pappas’ book is a really fun read.

Order your very own copy or give as a gift by going HERE.

Pappas also will be presenting a session at the 2018 EXHIBITORLIVE, “How World's Fairs and Trade Expos Change the World.”

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