CyberDyme and Discover Puerto Rico Join Forces to Introduce Revolutionary VR Technology Targeting Event Professionals

July 14, 2023

On the heels of posting its strongest fiscal year in nearly a decade for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions — and many more to come this year and in 2024 — Discover Puerto Rico is further stepping up event marketing efforts with groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) technology.

Through a strategic partnership, Discover Puerto Rico has become
the first destination marketing organization to partner with CyberDyme, a leading provider of virtual reality sales and marketing solutions, to provide an immersive sales presentation experience for prospective event clients through its propietary VRtour technology.

VRtour is designed to put control back into the hands of sales representatives with a unique use of VR in the global travel and tourism sector, as it provides an immersive branded VR experience that presenters can control directly from a tablet.


Puerto Rico Convention Center
Puerto Rico Convention Center (credit: Discover Puerto Rico)


The tool allows presenters to guide potential customers through a captivating journey showcasing Puerto Rico's world-class convention center and other venues, breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture and exquisite culinary adventures, according to Juan Sotelo, CEO and co-founder of CyberDyme.

"We are excited to partner with Discover Puerto Rico and reshape the marketing and experiential landscape of destinations," Sotelo said. "By harnessing the power of VRtour, we can transport potential customers directly into the heart of Puerto Rico, offering an unparalleled sense of immersion and igniting their desire to choose this incredible island for their next event."

Through the use of CyberDyme's immersive VR technology, Discover Puerto Rico aims to elevate customer engagement, boost sales and further position itself as a premier destination for various types of events.

"Discover Puerto Rico is thrilled to collaborate with CyberDyme to create an extraordinary sales experience for our industry partners," said Ed Carey, chief sales officer director at Discover Puerto Rico. "Through VRtour, we have the capability to offer a captivating glimpse into the distinctive allure of Puerto Rico, enabling meeting planners to establish a profound connection with the destination that surpasses conventional marketing endeavors.”

Carey added, “We firmly believe that this partnership will substantially elevate the way partners visualize experiences within our destination while incentivizing decision-makers to select our destination for their upcoming events."

VRtour spotlights Puerto Rico’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and one-of-a-kind spaces. From DISTRITO T-Mobile, a five-acre experiential complex located in the heart of San Juan, to the Puerto Rico Convention Center, the largest and most advanced in the region, to the Coliseum of Puerto Rico, a massive indoor arena, to the intimate Antiguo Casino, the island’s varied offerings are now easier than ever to experience via CyberDyme’s VR technology.


Through VRtour, event professionals will also be able to experience Puerto Rico’s wide variety of unique experiences and natural wonders that groups can take advantage of during their stay, including bioluminescent bays and the only rainforest in the U.S. Forest system, El Yunque, as well as the destination's historic treasures, including Old San Juan.





El Yunque
El Yunque (credit: Discover Puerto Rico)

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