Discover Atlanta Launches Mobile App to Personalize the User Experience

October 17, 2017

The Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB) has launched the Discover Atlanta: Official Guide mobile application. While mobile applications are not new technology, this is the first destination marketing app powered by the artificial intelligence of a gaming platform.

Released on Oct. 12, Discover Atlanta: Official Guide was designed and built in partnership with Winistry, makers of the Intelligent Mobile App Platform. This technology enables ACVB to promote Atlanta in a unique, personalized manner, based on user preference, behavior, location and even time of day.

“We strategically chose to produce a mobile app when we would be able to offer a product that would set itself apart from others, said Andrew Wilson, ACVB executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

Through this digital platform, meeting planners can showcase the events, dining and nightlife options available to their event attendees, which can be a useful tool for both planners and attendees in mapping out activities for the times they are not in conference sessions.

After booking through ACVB, meeting planners will receive a customized link to share with their attendees so they can install the app and receive content relevant to the meeting they are attending, and in the time period they are in Atlanta.

Planners will also be able to push notifications to attendees who install the app, such as logistical changes, happy hour deals or exclusive offers.

“The app gives meeting planners a completely new resource when selecting Atlanta to host their events,” said Wilson. “It provides an additional way to communicate during the event, expanding the resources available for a tailored experience within the destination.”

Beyond listing events, restaurants and attractions, the app offers curated content such as Insider Guides, Best of Atlanta and videos that explore Atlanta’s various neighborhoods.

A private, not-for-profit organization, ACVB bolsters Atlanta’s $15 billion hospitality industry, which generated nearly 52 million visitors in 2016.

Discover Atlanta: Official Guide is available for download on Android and iOS devices.


Submitted by Siya Carla (not verified) on Wed, 01/23/2019 - 02:57

Great innovation to enhance the coordination and communication between event planners and customers. In this digital world, a mobile app is a must to provide a better experience to the customers.
Siya works at www.finoit.com

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