Five Elements Your Event Website Absolutely Needs to Succeed in 2015

November 2, 2014

1. Responsive Design
With smartphones topping 70% penetration and tablets inching toward the 50% mark (Source: http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/insights/reports/2014/shifts-in-viewing-the-cross-platform-report-q2-2014.html), the predictions made in 2013 have come to fruition this year. While this year, website visitors have shown some tolerance for not getting responsive content as webmasters transition to responsive technology, by 2015 they would be ready to abandon any website that does not fit into the screen of their small device and still function as well as it would on a wide screen monitor.

2. Zero Flash Plugins
Recently, Google has started posting a warning on smartphone searches that certain Flash-heavy search results probably won’t work on a mobile device. In addition the primary link may even be deactivated. In light of this, and keeping in mind the all-pervasive nature of mobile technology, it’s best to steer away from Flash or other interactive content that requires custom plug downloads.

3. Videos
According to Neilsen, Q2 2014 witnessed 52% growth in digital video viewing.  Since videos are the epitome of online interactive experience, ensuring that your audience is served entertaining and informative video content should be an important part of your promotional strategy for your next event.

4. Real-time Sync
One of the highlights of the Neilsen report quoted above is that there is a tremendous amount of fragmentation in terms of the devices on which content is consumed. Your attendees may start the search process on the event website using a web browser on a PC and then wish to download their personalized planner right away on their mobile device. Ensuring that your technology solution provides updated information consistently irrespective of the delivery platform will keep demanding audiences engaged and happy.

5. Search Engine Optimized
White hat SEO will continue to be a key driver of web search ranking and traffic growth next year. Work with your webmaster to confirm that your website follows rules and policies established by popular search engines to ensure the long-term success of the investment in your web branding.  

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