Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Awarded for Efforts to Reduce Carbon Footprint

May 23, 2011

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Management (HML) was presented the Award for Organisation with the Highest Amount of Carbon Footprint Reduction and the Carbon “Less” 14% Certificate of the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) in recognition of HML’s efforts in carbon reduction during 2009.

HML had participated in the program for the first time and, according to HML officials, was “glad to have achieved a total of 14% carbon reduction, which is far more than the minimum requirement.”

In addition, HML has received the “Award for Organisation with the Highest Amount of Carbon Footprint Reduction” among 103 organisations receiving the Carbon Less Certificate.

Launched in 2009, the Carbon “Less” Certificate of HKAEE aims to encourage local buildings and organisations to achieve a verified reduction of carbon emissions and to take measures to reduce their carbon footprints.

“HML has set up a cross department “Green Committee” since 2007 to formulate environmental protection measures in HKCEC,” said Monica Lee-Müller, Deputy Managing Director of HML. “The award is encouraging and demonstrates the collective efforts and support from the HML team.”

She added, “With over 1,000 events held at the HKCEC annually, our long-term target is to mobilise organisers, exhibitors and visitors to join our carbon footprint reduction programmes.”

With 306,000 square meters of total space, as well as 87 escalators, 25,800 fluorescent tubes and 1,045 faucets, energy and water consumption is the major source of carbon emissions of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Several energy-saving initiatives are in place at the facility, including phased replacement of T8 fluorescent tubes by T5 fluorescent tubes; installation of LED lights in advertising lightboxes; installation of variable-frequency drives on escalators; and replacement of insulation of chilled water pipes and stringent control on lights on-off policy.

In addition, energy consumption was reduced by a significant 16 percent during a two-year period. Water saving initiatives include gradual adoption of automatic operated faucets.

HML also recently launched a new Go Green page on HKCEC Web site (http://www.hkcec.com/about-hkcec/company-information/go-green-0) to provide

updates on HML’s commitment, investment, operation and activities on green.

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