New Logistics Software from CadmiumCD Eases Planners’ Tedious Processes

January 29, 2019

Event management software company, CadmiumCD, has launched Conference Harvester Logistics, a logistics management software designed to automate resource allocation while cutting down on what can be tedious processes for event planners.

This new addition to CadmiumCD’s software platform was announced during PCMA’s 2019 Convening Leaders Conference, held last month in Pittsburgh, Penn.

With this new module, event organizers can build a list of available resources; assign those resources to specific rooms in a convention center; and check for conflicts against date, time, room and resource requirements for sessions, according to CadmiumCD officials.

“Conference Harvester Logistics is a tool that meeting planners will use months before their conference, at the time of their hotel RFP process,” said Megan Kurtzman, CadmiumCD training manager.

She continued, “They will assign functions based on their program requirements and venue space. Once they complete the call for papers and speaker management processes, they’ll be able to schedule sessions to the function blocks they’ve already created in the software.”

According to Kurtzman, the core of Conference Harvester Logistics is its ability to create functions — i.e., a session block that includes date, time and room — to which meeting organizers can assign resources and team members. Presentations can then be assigned to these functions based on date, time and room requirements. If a function block is not available for that presentation, meeting organizers will be alerted to a conflict.

In creating Conference Harvester Logistics, CadmiumCD hired an independent organization in late 2017 to conduct industry research on the functionality event organizers need most. The software’s debut at Convening Leaders was the first step in creating event-planning tools of the future based on this research, according to Michelle Wyatt, CadmiumCD co-founder and CEO.

“It’s been 18-plus months in the making, and we’ve worked hard with our beta testers to create a solution that solves the most pressing issue meeting planners face today,” Wyatt said. “The beta version of the software has already won multiple awards for its impact on the industry.”

To learn more about Conference Harvester Logistics, watch the video HERE.


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