Security Leadership Exchange Launches, Recognizing the Unique Role of CISOs

September 29, 2016

MIS Training Institute, a leader in information security and audit training, and nGage Events, the leader in hosted model events, have announced the Security Leadership Exchange, which will be held Sept. 24-26 at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.

Security Leadership Exchange is an invitation-only, strategic business forum that gathers Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)s and security industry leaders to address the unique needs of CISOs as integral members of the C-suite.

“The role of a CISO can be a thankless task,’” said Tony Keefe, president and CEO, MISTI. “MISTI is thrilled to be partnering with nGage to create a unique forum for CISOs to willingly share their successes as well as lessons learned in today’s era of always-on connectivity and complex global threats.”

A CISO’s role requires hands-on technical knowledge and understanding of security tools, techniques, and procedures combined with the need to manage up, down, and across the organization. Never before has an executive level position been tasked with such a spread of skills while protecting the security of the organization’s assets from unrelenting external and internal threats.

 As data breaches proliferate, the ramifications continue to escalate, from the loss of intellectual property to theft of customer databases to potential lawsuits, and even extend to impacting organizations’ financial bottom lines. T

he ability for a CISO to maintain this balance between technical know-now and navigate the corporate boardroom is essential to minimize negative impact on the organization.

The Security Leadership Exchange program features keynote addresses, case studies, panels, as well as networking and peer breakouts designed to evolve a CISO’s role from technologist to strategist.

What does next-generation security leadership look like? How does one tackle the future security landscape? What is needed for success? Why is risk management critical for CISOs? How do CISOs better communicate and partner with peers?

Security Leadership Exchange’s approach allows for broad presentations regarding privacy and security, small group discussions as well as one-on-one conversations with leading vendors and peers on specific, targeted subjects.

“Combining MISTI’s longtime focus on serving and educating the InfoSec market with nGage’s proven expertise in producing successful invitation-only, hosted buyer events makes Security Leadership Exchange’s focus and format a winning formula to help CISOs become more strategic,” said Phil McKay, president and CEO, nGage Events.

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