Want to Make a Difference? Help Empower the Next Generation of Leaders

November 17, 2020

In an industry-wide #GivingBack effort, TSNN, CEN and Tarsus CARES are participating in a fundraiser leading up to Global Giving Day (also known as GivingTuesday – a worldwide generosity movement set for Dec. 1), and we are inviting you to be a part of it!

This year, TSNN’s charity of choice is Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT). Why? Because they’re on a mission to help empower the next generation of leaders and we want to help!

A striking number of Black, Latinx and Native Americans remain vulnerable during and after college, and they walk a tenuous path to economic mobility.

In fact, nearly 60 percent of recent graduates are unemployed or working in jobs that do not require a college degree. MLT bridges that critical college-to-career transition gap.

More than 90 percent of MLT undergraduates (greater than 50 percent of whom are from low-income families) obtain fast-track jobs upon graduation averaging $75K starting salaries.

This sets these graduates of color on the path to lasting economic mobility, providing the social capital they need to become high-impact senior leaders who can transform our institutions and vulnerable communities.

Click here to view a short but inspiring video about MLT, and to learn more and donate, go here.

But wait, there’s more…YOUR company has the opportunity to also win in the process! When you give, we give back to you tenfold with what we do best: getting the word out about how awesome your company and staff are!

Here’s how it works:  

  • Your company donates any amount here.
  • Tarsus will match all donations raised for MLT (up to and including a total, combined amount of $12,500.)   
  • Major Bonus: Donate any amount over $500 and your company will receive one complimentary Eblast through TSNN or CEN (your choice) a $2,500 value – free. (EBlast deadline for execution is June 1, 2021.)
  • Email Arlene Shows, TSNN Marketing Director at ashows@tarsusus.com with the subject line “Giving Back” and let her know you donated with a screenshot from the donation page. We want to brag about your team, and she will get the word out through our extensive social media channels (we have a reach of more than 300,000 event professionals on Twitter alone!). Please include any pictures of or video messages from your staff to make it fun.
  • Donating companies will be included in a post-event news article and receive a shout out to our industry after “GivingTuesday” is complete (TSNN’s readership comprises close to 200,000 event professionals.)
  • Follow @MLTOrg, @GivingTuesday, @TSNN_com_US and @CorpEventNews on Twitter along with hashtag #GivingTuesday to join the excitement that giving brings.

Together, we can make an impact and who knows, maybe one of these aspiring leaders will end up working for your company one day?

Join us on #GivingTuesday, Dec. 1 to make a bigger impact! Let’s make a difference in the lives of aspiring young leaders by donating here today.


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