DMAI and Airbnb Partner to Publish Policy & Trends Brief

October 10, 2016

The shared accommodations sector is here to stay, and instead of running away from it, Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) has formed a unique partnership with Airbnb that will include a DMAI-issued Policy & Trends Brief that will focus on the shared accommodations sector of the sharing economy.

The Policy & Trends Brief, scheduled for release in December 2016, will examine the current state of the shared accommodations sector, its potential impact on communities, and public policy considerations for DMOs, as well as potential resolutions.

As travelers are provided with more choices in the way they book travel, DMOs must be informed about the rapidly expanding sharing economy, according to DMAI officials.

The goal of this brief is to help DMOs remain positive and confident in working with this sector of the visitor economy.

"Airbnb is proud to partner with DMAI and its member organizations,” said Chris Lehane, head of Global Policy and Communications, Airbnb. “We look forward to sharing our knowledge of the impact of the sharing economy on the travel sector."

The Policy & Trends Brief ultimately will provide a roadmap for destinations seeking to better understand the sharing economy and will include: questions that should be asked by a DMO; strategies to facilitate the integration of all aspects of the accommodations industry into the local economy and the destination brand, and more.  

“Don and his team have executed on a tremendous new asset for DMAI’s members,” said Gary C. Sherwin, CDME, DMAI Chairman and President and CEO of Visit Newport Beach, Inc.  “This partnership with Airbnb is the most recent example of how this team continues to deliver on its renewed commitment to members.”

DMAI and Airbnb share the goal of proactively working with destinations to understand the opportunities and practicalities of the sharing economy as it relates to the accommodations sector.  

With this partnership and the Policy & Trends Brief, DMAI and Airbnb will be aligned in their work together as a one-stop resource for DMOs, according to DMAI officials.

“We look forward to working in partnership with the Airbnb team to develop an essential resource for our members,” said Don Welsh, DMAI president and CEO.  

He added, “This is the first in a series of policy briefs by DMAI that will explore the potential implications, disruptions and opportunities the sharing economy presents within the travel and tourism industry.”

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