SISO Announces 4th annual Event Innovation Battlefield Participants

July 16, 2016

The Society of Independent Show Organizers, SISO, the leading voice for the for-profit exhibition industry announced today that it has selected its 2016 list of participants for its fourth annual Event Innovation Battlefield competition that will take place on August 11, 2016 in Cleveland during the annual SISO Leadership Conference (being held August 9-11).

This year contestants will be Grip, a tool for  Intelligent Event Matchmaking; InsightXM, a tool for business intelligence platform for events; Stereo-Bot, the developer of minimalist mass structure technology for events; ISL Strategy Labs, an internet of things developer; and Beeping, a new technology that transmits digital content to smartphones through sound waves.

Nearly 200 senior level exhibition and conference industry professionals who plan some of the largest events in the world will hear from the five nominees and then vote on the organization that has won their hearts in minds. The event has been described as American Idol Meets Shark Tank.

According to Battlefield chairs, David Adler of BizBash and Marco Giberti, “This year’s Battlefield strategy has changed to a true focus on new innovations in the event industry. We are seeing a real shift to technology baked into everything today so it’s more about the goals of improved value for attendees and exhibitors than just those new shiny objects in technology.”

David Audrain, SISo's executive director, said, “Our goal is to showcase new ideas and to stretch the imaginations of some of the most event organizers who influence millions of attendees and thousands of exhibitors at their shows and conferences.” 

List of Participants

•    Grip (http://grip.events: ) Grip is the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) powered event networking solution that empowers professionals to achieve their maximum networking potential at events. Grip takes the hard work out of networking by becoming an attendee’s own personal matchmaker through its AI software which employs clever use of social and behavioral data. Using advanced algorithms, Grip recommends the right people and presents them on an easy-to-use swiping interface.

•    Insightxm  (http://www.insightxm.com) makes data science accessible, intuitive, and meaningful by helping event organizers simplify all aspects interpreting both collected and existing data from all sources for smarter decision making in all aspect of event attendee and exhibitor and brand journeys

•    Stereo-Bot (http://stereo-bot.com/) is a technology company on a mission to empower innovators across the event industry. By building powerful and evocative spatial experiences, Stereobot’s next-generation experience design empowers branding professionals with unprecedented design versatility, stunning formal possibilities, and fully customizable solutions. Stereobot’s adaptive space-frame technology weaves proprietary hardware and software applications into an integrated workflow, allowing for a wide range of applications including temporary structures and exhibit systems, complex form structures and architectural forms that help you re-imagine your event and setting.

•    ISL (https://isl.co) invents digital & physical experiences for the world’s biggest brands. Our designers, developers, marketers and makers build everything from apps, to connected devices, to wildly creative campaigns that reach audiences globally.

•    Beeping (http://www.beeping.io) Beeps allow users to embed digital media inside sound waves and transmit data - from any speaker to any mobile device that is in the range of the sound and has the app open.

SISO members include companies, corporations and other for-profit entities that own, produce or provide full service management of “face to face” trade shows, consumer shows, expositions, conferences and events.  SISO membership is a combination of large corporations and small entrepreneurial enterprises that do business primarily in North America, as well as in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  

SISO’s more than 180 member companies produce thousands of events around the world. SISO’s Mission, is to meet the common needs of our members, by providing peer networking opportunities, education, industry information, streamlined business processes and best practices in the industry.

For more information on SISO, and the SISO Leadership Conference, please visit  www.SISO.org, or contact David Audrain, SISO Executive Director, at 404-729-1249 or David@SISO.org.

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