Spruce Up Holiday Parties With Virtual Teambuilding Games

December 11, 2020
Spruce Up Holiday Parties With Virtual Teambuilding Games

'Tis the season for holiday work parties! In line with most of 2020, the festivities are going to look and feel quite a bit different. Why not one last Zoom call to ring out the year?

The challenge facing event planners is overcoming the most complicated aspect of virtual events—creating engaging teambuilding activities—so the party feels…well, like a party. After all, the ROI on a virtual gala is quite a bit different than an in-person event.

Networking and teambuilding are items 1) and 1a) on the agenda. The goal is to have fun and escape, albeit momentarily, the joys of working with children in virtual school and the lack of in-person engagement. The need for levity right now is clear: the CDC reports that 40% of workers have struggled with their mental health during the pandemic, while the same percent acknowledge burnout directly related to COVID-19’s effects, according to a survey from FlexJobs and Mental Health America. But there’s nothing like a well-executed holiday shindig to lift everyone’s spirits.

Game shows and dance competitions are emerging as popular alternatives from corporate event planning companies like Eventurous in the U.K. Such activities also allow for the shipping of tangible prizes and/or e-vouchers.

Here are a few notable teambuilding tricks to help prevent any company team member from feeling like poor Rudolph shut out of reindeer games:

  • The Miami-based Vibe Agency, which counts luxury and beauty brands among its clients, is teaming with British-based entertainment guru SongDivision to produce a virtual singalong competition for a French banking group. Vibe is sending out ingredients for attendees to craft their own holiday cocktail.
  • MeetMax Games is off to the races with its holiday offerings. Groups work together on strategies to pick their horse during a virtual race. The day at the races includes myriad options for settings, from a standard track to snow-lined courses.
  • Say “cheers” to the season with virtual wine tastings from vineyards used to entertaining large groups. Inglenook, a Napa Valley classic, showcases its Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc in individually sized bottles shipped to attendees. It also offers virtual tours of the premises, chef demonstrations and wine trivia. Meanwhile, Benovia Winery in Sonoma County spotlights its Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc in gift boxes and private virtual tastings.
  • Education technology company Course Hero has come up with the clever idea of building gingerbread houses, as well as cookie decorating classes and virtual doughnut-making workshops.
  • Eventurous gets in the spirit with an Advent calendar challenge featuring daily puzzles and challenges through the month of December. It, too, offers race nights and a virtual cookery event with all ingredients shipped to attendees’ homes prior to the event. When in the North Pole, do as the elves do!

Photo courtesy of Inglenook

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