Trade Show Leader: International Association of Exhibitions and Events’ David DuBois

August 14, 2016

As president and CEO of International Association of Exhibitions and Events, David  DuBois not only travels a lot, but also he is responsible for the management of 23 full-time professional staff, producing the annual business operating plan and budget, overseeing the support of all meetings of governance units, leading business development, directing fund raising efforts, advocating for the industry and the organization’s members, providing organizational leadership and strategic counsel to the board.

Also, he serves as the association’s representative with industry coalitions, partner organizations and strategic alliances.

DuBois began his career with Sheraton Corporation in various sales positions including regional director of Sales and the Director of Marketing Programs.

He has served as both president and CEO, and senior vice president at the Professional Convention Management Association, where he was responsible for all operations and a $7 million budget.

As senior vice president he managed the development of 15 new chapters and was responsible for magazine advertising sales and membership recruitment and retention.

DuBois has also served as both the COO at Meeting Professionals International from 1996-2000. During this time, he supported programs and services for more than 16,000 members worldwide, and served as the executive vice president of the MPI Foundation.

DuBois also has served as MPI’s vice president of Sales and Key Account Management and vice president of Corporate Services.

Most recently, DuBois has served as president and CEO of the Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau, where he had oversight and full responsibility of 42 staff, with the responsibility of attracting convention and tourism business with a $8.5 million budget.

DuBois also has served as a board member of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE); chairman of the Board of Directors for the Texas Society of Association Executives; board member and Chairman of the Dallas-Fort Worth Tourism Council; and board member of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.

He currently serves as immediate past chairman of the Board of Directors for the Convention Industry Council (CIC).

He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Meetings Mean Business Coalition and the U.S. Travel Association.

TSNN: How did you get started in the industry?
David DuBois: I graduated from Michigan State University Hotel School. My career included working for hotels, a convention bureau, MPI and PCMA. I was an IAEE member in the past and was fortunate enough to be chosen as IAEE's President and CEO almost four years ago.

TSNN: How different was the industry when you started, compared with today?
DuBois: Technology has enabled our industry to be more efficient and experiential. Face-To-Face exhibitions and events  continue to be invaluable as our world grows economies and cultures.

TSNN: What are some of the lessons you have learned being a part of this industry?
DuBois: Personal relationships, collaborations and credibility are key to a person's success both personally and professionally.

TSNN: What is your favorite part of being in the industry?

DuBois: In my current job I have the privilege of leading initiatives and programs that positively impact our industry.

TSNN: Anything you miss that you wish was still around?
DuBois: I miss my mother every day, because she was one of the most loving and supportive person I have ever known.

TSNN: Anything you are thrilled went away?
DuBois: As a youngster I wore very thick glasses and they are gone due to Lasik surgery and much thinner reading glasses.

TSNN: What do you hope your personal impact on the industry is?
DuBois: My current focus continues to be on safety and security across our industry, as well as advocacy on behalf of the positive impacts of exhibitions and events.

TSNN: Any wise words about what this industry means to you overall?
DuBois: The more you give and work hard ... the more you get back ... both personally and professionally.

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