TVM.Bio Releases Smart Badges for Trade Shows

June 8, 2018

Marketing and promotion music solutions company, TVM.Bio, has released the TVM.Bio Smart Badge, wearable technology that uses advanced Near Field Communication (NFC) designed to make trade show registration quicker, easier and more profitable.

Rather than the traditional printed attendee badges that can be wasteful to print and vulnerable to damage, loss and badge “swapping,” the Smart Badge’s USB card securely and conveniently stores attendee registration information with SSL Encryption. 

Along with extensive online support and a user-friendly mobile portal, the Smart Badge helps event organizers reduce overhead costs by offering a paperless and environmentally friendly trade show registration solution. 

“Near Field Communication is the future of trade show registration and wearable technology integrates that future into the trade show experience more than ever before,” said Roger Singh the president of TVM.Bio, which also works with concerts, festivals and music tour events. 

He continued, “The days of leaving trade shows with tons of brochures and pamphlets that eventually get thrown in the garbage or filed away in a cabinet are gone.”

This wearable technology can also store digital pamphlets and brochures, making it easier for exhibiting companies to share sales content and open new avenues of communication with attendees. Besides offering more advanced lead retrieval, the Smart Badge allows exhibitors to add sales notes to attendee profiles in real time. 

In addition, the Smart Badge not only offers safe and secure payment processing by enabling attendees to enter payment information directly into their profile but also provides real-time analytical data to trade show management, allowing them to view exhibitor popularity and optimize trade show layouts and organization. 

Since it does not require expensive equipment rentals and can be accessed using any Android mobile device or Apple product with an NFC adapter, the Smart Badge is also easy and cost-effective to integrate, according to TVM.Bio officials.

The TVM.Bio Smart Badge and accompanying Trade Show Registration Plus registration software is part of a broader effort by the company to bring 21stCentury digital and physical solutions to event organizers and trade shows using technology that TVM.Bio originally developed for the music industry.

To learn more about the TVM.Bio, go HERE.

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