UBM EMEA - Sleep Event Wins the 2017 UFI Marketing Award

February 10, 2017

UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, has named the UBM EMEA – Sleep Event as winner of the 2017 UFI Marketing Award.

The theme for this year’s UFI Marketing Award was “From show organizers to industry gurus – Success stories from evolving business”.

This award was designed to recognize outstanding success stories from businesses that have built on their roles as event organizers to become valued exhibition industry experts. In order to be successful, this evolution requires the right strategy, the right talent – and tremendous effort.

The UFI Marketing Award jury applauded the UBM EMEA – Sleep Event project. Their approach was to be not only the organizer of a show for a specific and highly demanding industry, but also to be a part of this industry, and to even be a trendsetter in the exhibition industry.

Where UBM EMEA used to be guided by industry experts, they now are immersed in the market. This shift has moved the Sleep Event from outside the industry, and made it a key driving force within it.

“The UBM EMEA – Sleep Event concept comprehends an approach that is truly creative and innovative, from which our industry can learn a lot,” said Dr. Christian Glasmacher, chair of the UFI Marketing Committee. “Their team has managed to develop a concept that has made them an industry guru”.

UBM EMEA was delighted to be this year’s winner of the UFI Marketing Award that has been recognizing great Marketing initiatives since 2001.

“This award means so much to the ‘Sleep team’ because it's all about the details, love and creativity that they invest in their event. We told a story about designing a beautiful experience for our community and it feels good to be recognized in this way” said Joel Butler, brand director for Sleep Event at UBM EMEA.

The UFI Award winners will share their projects at the 84th UFI Global Congress in Johannesburg (South Africa) during the Special Interest Group (SIG) for Best Practices. For more details on the UFI Global Congress that will take place Nov. 1-4 2017 please click here.

Other UFI Awards for outstanding initiatives

The UFI Marketing Award is one of UFI’s many annual competitions that recognize and reward successful result-oriented initiatives in the exhibition industry. UFI’s awards celebrate excellence in areas ranging from marketing and technology to trade fair poster design and sustainable development. More information on these UFI competitions is available at www.ufi.org

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