Zuant Unveils New Features for Digital Lead Capture Solution

April 10, 2018

Zuant has released two new add-on product features for its mobile lead capture cloud solution, Mobile Lead Capture App: Zuant Custom Skins and Showroom Plus. 

Unveiled Feb. 26 at ExhibitorLivein Las Vegas, the new features are designed to help exhibiting companies reinforce their corporate brand and personalize customer engagement while driving revenue by shortening the sales cycle.  

Zuant Custom Skins: enables event marketers and sales reps to not only customize the entire app with their own brand identity but also with rich graphical backgrounds, enabling marketing and sales teams to deliver a higher level of quality presentation for both in-store point-of-sale displays and on the road. With this new feature, users can present content and capture data at the same time in a more engaging manner. See how it works HERE.

Showroom Plus: provides sales reps with a complete arsenal of up-to-date digital content that can be accessed on the showroom floor, at the retail check-out and by sales teams on the road. This multilevel system, supported by a high-speed database index feature, enables users to quickly and easily search through large libraries of information of more than 50,000 items. The feature also supports custom background images as well as imagery for content folders, enabling users to create more engaging experiences for customers navigating digital content.

Founded by CEO Peter Gillett in 2008, Zuant provides mobile lead capture solutions for companies seeking to maximize their investment in trade shows. Built exclusively for iOS, the Zuant Mobile Lead Capture App runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and can run offline and synchronize with its Zuant Cloud portal when an internet connection is available, making it ideal for any environment. 

Data is collected with the highest level of security and privacy, and full GDPR compliance will be offered in readiness for the new EU legislation by May 25, when the ruling officially goes into effect. 

According to Gillett, most large event organizers can be resistant to change and tend to use old badge scanning rental systems, systems that can fall short of what exhibiting companies need in a face-paced digital world. 

“Only avant-garde big tech promoters like Web Summit provide the latest lead capture technologies like Zuant to exhibitors,” explained Gillett.

He continued, “Because of this, Zuant primarily targets individual exhibitors who understand the value of effectively capturing leads during the event and passing information through to their CRM and Marketing Automation systems.”

Gillett relayed several ways that Zuant enables event marketers to save time and pass leads quickly to sales teams at events for immediate follow-up, including:

  • Fast contact data capture by business card scan, badge scan, or NFC card scan.
  • Access to all collateral and videos in the app’s content Showroom for presentation in the booth and to easily select and email to visitors.
  • Access to existing CRM data, so that when a known prospect or customer is scanned, it provides a quick snapshot of their status and who their sales executive is, fostering a more sophisticated style of face-to-face customer service.
  • Immediate flow of data into the exhibitor’s marketing automation and/or CRM system.

Currently, no other lead capture system offers all of these features, nor do they promote its use during exhibitor events as a standard, repeatable quality process, Gillett added.

“Not only are our clients getting a sophisticated mobile digital platform to work with, they also can now monitor the performance of all of their shows and events in the cloud from any office or location,” Gillett said. 

He added, “This helps to ensure that the right profile of show is being used in an event portfolio and the show workers are suitably monitored and motivated by having their performance tracked at each show.”

As an exhibitor at more than 200 trade shows and events per year, 3M had been searching for a means to streamline the lead retrieval process for all of its U.S. shows. After discovering Zuant at ExhibitorLivein April 2016, the company has enjoyed great success with what 3M Marketing Coordinator Kelli Betz describes as a simple, easy-to-use and consistent solution.

“Having Zuant in place helps us to maximize productivity with our team, as we can train on Zuant and use it over and over rather than having different processes/systems at each show,” Betz explained.

She continued, “Our sales team arrive at shows and have minimal time to set up their exhibit areas and product displays. Having Zuant on their iPhones and iPads ready to go for each show helps with productivity and consistency as the sales people chat with their customers and take leads. The more they use it, the more they’re familiar with it, but Zuant’s clean design and user-friendliness make it simple for everyone to use show after show.”

Other Zuant clients include ADP, Verizon, Volvo, Dow, Ferrero and many others across a wide range of industries. The company maintains offices in London, Los Angeles and New York City.

To learn more about Zuant, go HERE.

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