Jan 20, 2017

With more and more conference and event organizers competing to attract participants, it is important to use every strategy available to “get the word out”. Conference and event speakers are a largely untapped resource.

Many keynote speakers and breakout session facilitators have extensive and active networks both on and off-line. By enlisting the aid of speakers to reach out to their existing connections, event planners can tap into an unmined pool of potential attendees.

Here are 6 ways to engage speakers and facilitators in pre-event marketing. No matter what strategies… more

Jan 17, 2017

Health Care trade shows in the U.S. are currently in a period of re-adjustment. In a (recent industry study), research indicated that in the latter half of 2015, shows that are on an annual schedule (excluding outliers) took 0.6% less square footage of exhibit space than in the first half of 2015, had 1.9% fewer exhibitors, and attendance was down by 1.2%. The city of Chicago hosts two of the nation’s largest shows, Atlanta hosts two large shows and Las Vegas hosts one huge show and several smaller ones. Other top medical shows take place in Orlando and various cities in California. If you… more

Jan 13, 2017

What makes a modern marketing event memorable? 

Is it when a brand trots out the same ole' tactics to deliver the same ole' message to the same ole' people? Or is it when a brand breaks from the norm to boldly leverage forward-thinking tactics into engagements and strategies that captivate an audience in new and exciting ways?

I think you know the answer to that question. 

Today's consumers see thousands upon thousands of marketing messages every… more

Jan 10, 2017

Thanks to #TBT, we don’t have to go far for a glimpse at the days gone by. If you’re old enough to remember the 1980s and 1990s you’ll remember fads like: Members Only jackets, acid-washed jeans, leg warmers, neon everything and especially big – big hair, big shoulder pads and big boom boxes.

Looking back now, we laugh about all these horrible fashion don’ts. But we often forget that just as many fads during these two decades were technology related. Thankfully, the 1980s and 1990s gave us major technologies like the personal computer, CDs, mobile phones and game consoles that we… more

Jan 06, 2017

Renting a display for a trade show has gained popularity over the years, with many people preferring to use them to add a fresh look to their events. The trade show display rentals are one of the most demanded booths in the market. Many businesses have discovered that renting a display is easier, more convenient and economical than buying one. Smash Hit Displays avails a variety of trade show displays and a whole lot of accessories that come along with your booth. Rentals are entirely appropriate for all types of shows ranging from a single event to multiple events that happen at different… more

Jan 03, 2017

"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes." - Oscar Wilde

The lead quote of this column is all too true for me. I do not know how many times I have awakened in the middle of the night to face the challenges of things omitted in the logistics of a trade show or the realization that I possibly have made a wrong decision for a critical aspect of planning.

The lightbulb of experiencing “experience” turned on when reading an article in the stalwart publication of my generation, AARP-The Magazine (December 2016). In the article “Why… more

Dec 26, 2016

For your most important trade shows, a rental booth can help you make the biggest impact without busting your budget. If you go to one or two shows a year where you use a larger-than-usual exhibit space, incorporating rental booth materials, rather than purchasing a custom exhibit that you will only use once or twice, may be your smartest choice. When considering your trade show budget, you have to take into account all expenses, not just the booth. While you may want to look as big as your competitor and get all your messages across to your market, your budget will likely be a limiting… more

Dec 24, 2016

We are observing an emerging trend with exhibitors.  More and more are moving away from having the generic candy dish to serving “real” food and offering beverages to their visitors at the booth.   From something as simple as offering a branded bottle of water, coffee or tea, higher end chocolate, sandwiches or even a full sit down meal at some shows in Europe. People get tired and hungry walking a show.  Many people travel from distant places to attend, and there are few things that are better when you are jet lagged and tired than free food.

There are some… more

Dec 17, 2016

You've got to know your limitations. I don't know what your limitations are. I found out what mine were when I was twelve. I found out that there weren't too many limitations, if I did it my way. Johnny Cash

IAEE does an excellent job bringing thought-provoking keynote speakers to its Expo Expo and this year’s line-up continued the tradition. The kick-off keynoter was Phil Hansen, an unconventional artist who challenges himself artistically combining traditional art, the electronic media, unconventional art media materials and interactive experiences connected to specific… more

Dec 17, 2016

Showcasing your company with a booth or display at a trade shows is an expensive affair. Don’t squander this potentially very valuable opportunity to meet new customers, gather leads and drive brand awareness with poor planning. Pulled off with flying colors, trade shows are an incredible opportunity to introduce relevant audiences to your product. How do you successfully achieve it? Well in short, you want to successfully deliver the message that your product will be the solution to a customer’s problem, or that they didn’t even know that they needed.

Here are the best practices… more